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Our specialty is collecting the flowers of the world

 Everyone likes flowers because they are one of the best things on earth. They have beautiful colors and wonderful smells which bring together the hearts of lovers. They also give a feeling of relaxation, quietness and peace for whole world. Our company started from this fantastic principle to collect flowers from all the world over. From this idea ,we called our company Body Centre Perfume to bring together all people who love this beautiful principle with these beautiful flowers.

How? Body Centre Perfume has collected  the most beautiful materials in flowers and put them all over the parts of the body. We started  with the most famous flowers in the world : the tulip flower, the orchid , the Narcissus , and the lotus ,after that we used them in our products.

For all these reasons , we chose the home place of flowers "Holland "the most famous country for these flowers .From old ages , the flower of tulip was a symbol of the queen of Holland and for its nationals. This flower with  various attractive colors was used for beautiful symbols. It was also a principle of peace between communities.

Choice?  Our company has made all its products in a factory in Holland as symbol and appreciation for this beautiful flower.

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Kuwait Shops

  • Al-Kout Mall - Fahaheel
  • Al-Bairak Mall - Ageila
  • 360 Mall - 6th ring road
  • Mubarak Al-Kabeer Co-op
  • Arbeed Plaza - Farwaniya
  • Maghatir Mall - Farwaniya
  • Al-Manar Mall - Jahra
  • Awtad Mall - Jahra

Saudi Arabia Shops

  • Hayat Mall - Riyadh
  • Riyadh Gallery - Riyadh
  • Garnatha Mall - Riyadh

Where to find us?

+965 - 22253373

Body center perfume now in Saudi Arabia  also !!

Body Center Perfume

Phone number:

+965 22253373

Fax number:

+965 22253372


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